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APUSpecial Lecture on Development Strategy by Motoo Kusakabe

1. Course Objectives
The lectures will give an overall view of the economic thinking on what factors determines the differences in the long-term economic growth rate among various countries.

Students will learn progress in growth theories starting from Slow-Swan model and explore various studies of ggrowth accountingh trying to identify the sources of growth. It also covers more recent development of gGrowth regressionsh.

Students will learn whether such theories are supported by the actual country data in the past decades. You use a simple regression model to identify which indicators have significant impact on economic growth. You can also apply the same regression model to different country groups.

Finally students will apply these results to their specific countries to write a report on the strategies to create economic growth.

Students planning to take this course are expected to read the Web pages of Economic Growth, and submit your preferences on the following three items:  (a) which country do you want to examine as the case study of economic growth, and (b) which topic you want to study in detail in creating such innovation system?

Step1. It is important to create a Group of learning. In the coming five days you are going to collaborate with other members of the Group to create a joint presentation and a report. Please register yourself to get into the website.

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Step2. Please identify two countries, which you  are interested in formulating a National Innovation System strategy (You must find at least four other students to form a group on the same country. You can change your choice after you talk to other students)


Country1 (Your first choice)

Country2 (Your second choice)

Step3. Select the subject, which you think most important for economic growth Your major interests and goals