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APUSpecial Lecture on Development Strategy by Motoo Kusakabe

Lesson Thirteen:
13. Preparation of Country Presentation (Group Study)
What do we learn? Reading Suggestions

Each country presentation should include the following components (but we welcome the creative way to make a presentation. You can focus on some components or add other component)


Total time for presentation is 30 minutes maximum (every member should have a clear idea of time alocated to his/her component.


1. Country overview:

-  What is the current per capita GDP, poverty, and major human development indicators (literacy, child mortality, etc)? How these levels compare with comparator countries?

-  How was the past history of economic growth? Any down-turn or upturn of growth? What do you think the reason behind such development?


2. Investment & Savings

-  It is better to have a graph to show the historical development of investment/ratio, savings ratio and DGP per capita growth rate,

- What is the result of the Granger test of causality?

- Any policies to increase savings and investments?


3. Trade and Exports

- Graph to show the historical development of export/GDP ratio and GDP per capita growth

- When the country took a major liberalization of trade and why?

- Did the liberalization have any meaningful impact on growth and industrial development?

- If there is still trade restriction remain, what are they?

- What is the prospect of future trade policy?


4. Education/Human Capital

- Describe very briefly the trend of educational indicators. What kind of educational reform did the country take in the recent years?

- What is the result of the granger test of causality?

- Which level of education the government should put priority?


5. Technology/Innovation

- Compare innovation indicators with comparator countries. which are is relatively advanced and which areas are lagging behind?

- Can you find any articles describing the total factor productivity growth of the country?

- Describe the government policies to promote innovation?

- What type of national innovation system the country should follow?


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