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APUSpecial Lecture on Development Strategy by Motoo Kusakabe

Lesson Fifteen:
15. Is PRSP/CDF panacea? (Presentation/ Discussion)
What do we learn? Reading Suggestions

Have PRSPs acheived the original intensions?

- Country Ownership (participation and inclusion)?

- Partnership (Donor coordination)?

- Long-term holistic approach (Macro, Structural, Institution building, Envirinment)?

Will PRSP change the effectiveness of the aid?

Local Consultations on the PRSP in Vietnam
Turk, Carrie and Edwin Shanks. 2003. : Refining Policy with the Poor: Local Consultations on the Draft Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy in Vietnam. World Bank workign paper No. 2968

Lessons from Uganda on Strategies to Fight Poverty
Mackinnon, John and Ritva Reinikka. 2000. Lessons from Uganda on Strategies to Fight Poverty. World Bank Working paper No.2440