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APUSpecial Lecture on Development Strategy by Motoo Kusakabe

Lesson Four:
4. Economic Growth Study I (Group Study)
What do we learn? Reading Suggestions
Based upon the prior assignments, students are asked to form several groups by country of their interest.

Each group will discuss:

- History of economic growth (in terms of the growth of per capita GDP) of the target country and comparator countries, using indicators,

- Were there any turning points of the economic growth?

- What do you think the causes of such turning points of growth?

- Investment and Savings

- Macroeconomic policy, structural distortion,

- Trade policy

- Governance, Political stability

- Education, Technology

identify who is in charge of each theme. Discuss where they can find the indicators, reports.

Each group will make a presentation of their discussion.

Top 30 Growth Performers in the 2000s
.Characteristics of Top 30 Growth Performers