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APUSpecial Lecture on Development Strategy by Motoo Kusakabe

Lesson Seven:
7. Analysis of Growth Factors (Group Study)

What do we learn?

Reading Suggestions

Form the following thematic groups:


(i) Investment/Savings

(ii) Trade/Export

(iii) Education/Human Capital

(iv) Technology/Innovation/Knowledge



Each thematic group analyzes the impact of the growth factor to the economic growth from the following criteria:


- Are there any economic theories which support the importance of the growth factor; make a brief summary of the related papers


- If there is different opinions concerning the policies, one person is in charge of one opinion and other person is in charge of other opinion and make a debate within the group.


- Cross-country correlation of the growth factor and growth (of GDP per capita 2000 price)


- Country-specific time series regression using SPSS

(i) creating date of Growth Factor in SPSS data format

(ii) creating GDP per capita data (GDPpc)

(iii) creating time-lag variables(

(iv) make a regression


- Search for case studies in the target countries and comparator countries


World Development Indicators